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To family, friends, and all those touched by his life, Chris leaves behind a legacy of kindness and helpfulness toward others. These days, many of us are too scurried in doing things for ourselves and, time permitting, in doing things for those in our immediate circle of close relationships. But Chris was not a follower of this tendency, but a quiet leader in a direction of community.

From a young boy eager to make friends anywhere to a young man ready to help those in need anytime, Chris lived his life feeling a responsibility to bring joy and assistance to everyone regardless of circumstance. On a daily basis, he shared his strength, skills, and heart to benefit the lives of others. Whether it was a quick visit for good conversation to brighten someone’s day or hours of manual labor to help someone accomplish a rather large task, Chris took the initiative to express kindness in different ways.

It is the legacy he leaves behind that gives inspiration to us all. Acts of kindness and helpfulness can run the gamut from a smile to a stranger in passing to returning an item to its rightful owner. Such acts are not limited to those you know, but to those in the world in which we live and share. Let his legacy live in you through random acts of kindness every day.

“Kindness is the only service that will
stand the storm of life and not wash out.
It will wear well and be remembered
long after the prism of politeness
or the complexion of courtesy has faded away.
When I am gone, I hope it can be said of me
that I plucked a thistle
and planted a flower wherever I thought
a flower would grow.”


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