Although a constant in a reserved space of our hearts and mind, it is those special days or moments in which Chris shines through in different ways. Never to be forgotten, Chris will be remembered as time moves on whether at a fast pace or a slow crawl. Getting through each day is one small step on a path to realizing a new reality; one in which Chris is no longer with us as a physical being, but a spiritual presence that loves, guides, and protects.

We prayed for Crystal, her family, and Chris' family, we hurt watching Crystal cope, we rejoiced at her small and big victories and her emotional stamina, learned from her quiet courage.

One of the ways someone stays in your heart and mind is through the voice of those who loved that person. A year later as family and friends move on, their voices echo in concert of eternal love for Chris, proving the indomitable spirit of the human heart.

Chris' love and influence will always enrich her life and his family's lives... kindness, which he embodied, never dies.

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